During those doubtful moments…

I just remember the reasons (according to Stacy) why I should go to Sweden:

  1. The S.C.A.S.D. will still be around when you get back, as will other jobs/work. Don’t rush into your life…
  2. The fact that you were chosen for the S.C. School District is a compliment and indicates that your credentials are desirable. They will be equally so to a hiring committee some day. And believe me, they want to hire the best person, not just the one who’s been hanging around.
  3. Come January, half-way through the school year, you’ll be on the same playing field as anyone who student teaches here in the fall — you’ll be subbing around, which will be an even BETTER way to get to know people in SEVERAL schools in this area, not just one. And it will be VERY good for you to get over your culture shock and get back into the groove of working, without immediately having full-time responsibilities.
  4. You’re already establishing some connections in the S.C.A.S.D., by virtue of your volunteering. A few people already know who you are.
  5. In the meantime, you can think about ways to broaden your skill sets and abilities, which will make you more desirable to a school district. Get involved in a creative writing workshop somewhere so you could teach that. Get back into soccer this summer so you could coach. Get really good at HTML or web design, which I know you enjoy. Study the Swedish language. Life is short, use your time wisely!! (*note: I think this was a subtle hint to stop pissing about on the computer!)
  6. (Maybe should be #1.) You will have an experience/opportunity in Sweden that you’ll never get to have again. You’ll be able to see another culture’s education system (and therefore values) up close, and I’m sure it will shed some interesting light on American educational/cultural values!!! Depending on what you do with your life in the long-term (which I know you don’t know yet), YOU WILL NEVER REGRET THIS.
  7. We can travel in Scandinavia together for a couple of weeks this summer, and you can enjoy exploring the area in your free time during the fall semester. Remember how much fun you had in Europe the last time?? Maybe you’ll even meet people with whom you’ll keep in touch and want to visit later in life! (Hey, you might even meet the Swedish Chef, who knows?)

In the words of Gina Marie (aka: me) “Gosh a mighty, I love you.”


About Gina Marie Thompson

writer • mom • trail runner • cheese slinger • educator • social justice crusader • seeker of love & beauty• living locally • I CHOOSE LOVE ❤️
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