How many Powwows do you know of in Murrysville?

So this Saturday Sta and I went to the powwow at the Middle School. What a great time! One of my students is Native American, and he told me about the event. It was awesome seeing all the dancers in their beautiful dress. I even did a little dancing myself… well, dragged out by Pam Fuller. I am shy. I like to pretend I’m not, but I am. I can easily dance like a moron in my kitchen in front of Stacy, but it’s a whole other story to be dancing at a powwow. Well, I had fun. And I got to talk to my student, who is a doll! He’s such a good kid and I was so happy to be celebrating in his hertiage. So here’s some pictures… the “O.K.” ones because they are very strict about what you can and cannot take pictures of.

me and my student… who is 12… who is the same height as me. *wow*
I still have the *listen* face though.

The lighting isn’t good, but here’s the three of us dancing.

Also, bought a “serape” (not sure if that’s right, cause well, isn’t that Mexican?) It’s beautiful and I’ve been wearing it around (outside!) the house all day.

Just a wonderful cultural experience all together. I’m glad I living in an area that values culture and diversity. The powwow really tugged on my teacher strings. How great is it that kids get exposed to culture at such a young age?!

(We won’t even talk about all the monkey-faces that were there!) I am in serious baby-mode.

Uh… can you put another tally on the board for State College. Thanks. 😉


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