Death to Tschotchke rampage

Not that we are big CRAP collectors in the first place, but we have a few. Stacy is dreading the day I move my collection of teapots into his (our?) house.

but today, I will attempt to clean… or have been. I also attempted to run this morning, but that didn’t happen. I did, however, succeed in my attempt to eat. Seems to be the only thing I’m good at lately…

My petunia died. I either over-watered the poor thing, or it just got too cold this weekend for it to live.

Grape arbor construction is coming along nicely. I shall have pictures soon. We had a minor accident involving a bird, for which we are gravely sorry, but all-in-all it’s coming along. Our grape vines arrived from Fredonia, New York. Funny that is where they came from – I know about that place.

We’ve got six very tiny vines. Not much, particularly compared to the very large and flowering grape vines in the backyard. Oh, frabjous jelly! In a few years, we will have to give away our grapes, what with eight vines and all, but for now, I will be making grape jelly with Stacy and Paul come this Autumn. (And just as I typed that, I realize I won’t have that honor… because I will be in Sweden…)

That’s all for today’s installment of Write About Nothing To Keep From Doing Actual Work.

P.S. – Finished Life of Pi yesterday. Yesterday I was speechless. Today I became curious. Was it really a true story? Did that really h happen? I took to Google for answers. I searched – the town in India, the ship, Toronto, Pi Patel… alas, it is fiction. But still… amazing.


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