Finally got the Copenhagen (Københavns) pictures up on flickr, along with the rest from Göteborg.

I’ll be writing soon. I’m officially in the school everyday, either teaching or planning. I drink coffee. Too much. I still waste too much time on the computer.

Oh, and I cleaned my desk, but it’s cluttered again.

The care package from Stacy finally arrived in the post yesterday. He gave me, among other things, Swedish fish (to give to my students), nerds (fav. candy), Burt’s Bees lip balm (without me reminding him!), and the best of all, a Penn State keychain.

Today Kris, Al, and I met with three student teachers going to State College for five weeks. We spent a good amount of time telling them where to go and what to do. Bars, music, drink specials, theatre, campus, outdoors… everything. We told them they HAD to go to a football game. And if they couldn’t get a ticket, they needed to go to a bar and watch the game there – to be in the atmosphere. I tried to explain to my students how exciting it was to be in State College during football season, to go to the games, to soak it all in. I did not do it justice.

In the process of telling the girls about State College I became overwhelmingly jealous of them. I wanted to be the one going to State College for five weeks. I wanted to go home. The feeling was brief, but it was there. I wanted to be sitting outside the library. I wanted to be sitting by the pond in the Hintz garden.

There are those of you who understand and there are those that never will. State College is so breathtaking, especially in the fall. It is easily the most beautiful place in this world. I have been to a lot of the world (not all, mind you, but enough that I feel justified to make that statement.) And so it’s perfectly reasonable that I would miss it from time to time.

And Penn State football!!!

::: sigh :::


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