Gina’s Personality Disorders

Disorder Rating
Paranoid Disorder: Low
Schizoid Disorder: Low
Schizotypal Disorder: Moderate
Antisocial Disorder: Low
Borderline Disorder: Low
Histrionic Disorder: Low
Narcissistic Disorder: Moderate
Avoidant Disorder: Low
Dependent Disorder: Moderate
Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder: Moderate

Personality Disorder Test – Take It!
Personality Disorders

I guess I’m pretty normal. Dammit.


About Gina Marie Thompson

writer • mom • trail runner • cheese slinger • educator • social justice crusader • seeker of love & beauty• living locally • I CHOOSE LOVE ❤️
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2 Responses to Gina’s Personality Disorders

  1. Annoyed says:

    About what I expected…Paranoid: Moderate Schizoid: Low Schizotypal: Low Antisocial: Low Borderline: Low Histrionic: Low Narcissistic: Very High Avoidant: Moderate Dependent: Low Obsessive-Compulsive: High


  2. Gina Marie says:

    you’re pretty normal too. well, a self-centered maybe, but there are worse things in life. 😉


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