(not in the order that they happened) update #1 – what is this in our house?

alright, now you woke me up. are you happy?

We finally got a cat. After many, many discussions and a little bit of begging (on my part), we were able to compromise. I had originally intended to adopt a kitten, one that was being nursed from infancy by a sweet and caring young woman. (The mother had abandoned her kittens.) But when I went to PAWS to check out their selection, the woman there suggested that an adult cat would fit better with me and Stacy. So we adopted Lizzie, a 3 year old mom cat, who spent her days and nights in her cage at the shelter. The first thing she did when we brought her home was run upstairs and hide in our office closet, which is jammed with empty boxes. It took her all of the afternoon and evening, but she finally came out and explored the rest of the house.

Posing for her mamma

Since Sunday Lizzie has become quite comfortable in our home. She still has kitten-like energy, and often we can hear her running around the bottom floor of the house. But she’s also very calm and affectionate, and she and I share a favorite pastime: napping.

There are more photos of Lizzie on my flickr page for your viewing pleasure.


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