why it’s great to live on the hillside

The other night Stacy, Ben & I watched a storm roll in. We first noticed the silent storm lighting up the cloud covered sky every minute or so. We decided to stick around, and we were rewarded for our patience. It was a cool experience. The sky was covered in clouds, and so the lightning was mostly going from cloud to cloud. The only light that was available was from the lightning itself. I captured a couple of films, and decided, reading Dave Bonta’s post on his own storm watching, to finally teach myself to edit my amateurishly produced video footage.

So here’s one of the touchdowns that we were able to capture on film. It’s not quite as exciting on film as it is experiencing it live. Apologies for the swearing — the lightning bolt took me by surprise. It’s amusing actually — I sound angry, but I was just so shocked. I’ve never really seen anything quite like this (whole storm) before.

EDIT: Here’s the original version of the video uploaded on youtube


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3 Responses to why it’s great to live on the hillside

  1. Dave says:

    That turned out surprisingly well! Were you using the FinePix, or a regular video camera?


  2. poeticallychallanged says:

    The FinePix. I edited it in Window Movie Maker. Playing around with it right now and learned that I can splice these individual clips even more. So I may create another version of this one. Just about to upload another bolt on Vimeo.


  3. Dave says:

    Yeah, that’s all I have, too. I’ll admit I have Mac envy when it comes to this sort of thing. Still, it can be fun working within limits, just to see what’s possible.


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