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Stacy and are leaving today for a journey. We’re catching the Empire Builder Amtrak line in Altoona and getting off three days later in West Glacier, Montana. We occasionally refer to it as our “honeymoon”, since we will not be taking one of those in October, when we get married. But I don’t like calling it our honeymoon, because we’re not that traditional. And “honeymoon” implies relaxation, fancy hotel, expensive food, large bedroom.

Relaxation, maybe, but not the rest of it. We are heading out west, to go hiking in the many beautiful national and state parks there. Fancy hotel? Backpacking tent. Expensive food? Dehydrated dinners (so, yes) and dried fruit and nuts for lunch. Large bedrooms? Oh yeah, baby. We got the whole countryside at our disposal.

We are starting out in Glacier National Park, Montana, where my main concern since we planned this trip has been bears. Grizzly bears. A bit of advice: if you are planning on hiking in bear country, don’t see Grizzly Man. I know I am not going to get eaten. BUT, I can’t shake the fear of being attacked by one of these beasts. I’ve been reading up on bear safety, and I feel confident that if we do get charged, I’ll know what to do. (For the record, I’ve been charged by a 4,500 lb white rhino, so I think my fear of getting charged by a wild animal is a bit justified. Nicola, if you’re reading this, you know.)

This video put out by the GNP has been helpful and reassuring. Thanks to John Waller for helping ease my worries

After Montana, we hop back on the Amtrak and head out to Portland. There we will be visiting some old friends and hiking Mount St. Helens and the Columbia River Gorge.

Then back on the train and it’s off to Seattle. Might catch a little jazz, check out the city and then we’ll head to the San Juan Islands for a few days. We are staying on Lopez Island on a cute little campground. I am super excited about this part of the trip. Who knows, we may even see Shamu!

We’ll come back to Seattle, rent a car, and head out the the Olympic Peninsula to hike and camp. Then we’ll brave the wildfires and mudslides to drive down the coast and car camp along the way. Our destination: San Fransisco. Stacy’s sister lives there and so we’ll spend some time hanging around with her, taking day hikes and being tourists in the city. And I’ll recite lines from Eddie Izzard’s Dress to Kill show.

So head over to our travel blog, which I’ve set up specifically for this trip and others to come. And check flickr for picture updates!


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