Annual Father/Daughter Fishing Trip to Lake Temagami 2009: Day 2

Day 2: Sunday, July 12, 2009

Caribou Lake (after breakfast)
3 – bass (two were 12 inches and 1 was 14)
Dad lost one because of me. I couldn’t net it, and the line kept getting tangled in the net. Eventually the fish got off. Probably around 14 inches, maybe a bit bigger. I also caught a smaller bass that we threw back. We fished off the rocks for about three hours. It was windy most of the time, but that seems to be good for keeping the minnows moving (especially if/when they are dying).

Temagami Lake
1 – walleye (15 inches)
We started at Island 4, but with the combination of it being very windy, ominous clouds, and no bites, we decided to head back up to the bay (which is right across from the Temagami Shores and Leisure Island). We figured if the clouds brought a rainstorm, we could quickly get into shore. As soon as we started trolling, I got a bite. A nice size walleye that Dad spent a lot of time measuring, hoping it was under 18 inches. Alas, it was JUST over, so we threw him back. Forgot to get a picture, too. Soon after Dad caught a walleye just off the shoal of where the gazebo is. (I always knew that island was lucky. Now if I could just scrape up $500,000 to buy it…) The walleye was another “identical twin” to the two I caught last night – about 15 inches.

The reason I mention the fact that we are catching 15 inchers is that this initiative where you have to throw back the spawners seems to be working, which makes throwing back a 23 inch fish a little easier to swallow. Dad is still surprised that we are catching as much as we are right in the bay so close to town.

During the day we went to visit Dorothy and Verdun, who seem to be in good spirits, despite their current conditions. Dorothy has been suffering from severe back pain since they got in a car accident a little over 2 years ago. She seemed much weaker than I’ve ever seen her, but she was still smiling. Apparently she sleeps a lot and can’t move around for too long. Verdun said she hasn’t baked since the accident. Verdun has some neck pain as a result of the accident, but his condition doesn’t seem to be quite as debilitating. They were both very positive, though. We talked a bit about the economy – things seem to be slow in Temagami, and a lot of houses are going up for sale around here. We’ll go visit them again – I told them I’d show them some wedding photos. Unfortunately, we won’t be having any of Dorothy’s homemade rhubarb pie.

Fish Count (so far)
4 – bass
3 – walleye

Loon Count
7 – A group of 5 as we were heading back in from Island 4 and 2 over by the bay.

Mosquito Count
Hundreds. But not too many bites.


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