Temagami 2010: Day 7: Friday, July 23

Temagami 2010: Day 7, Friday, July 23

Our last day.

We slept in and Dad made breakfast. By the time we got rolling with our day it was past 11. We stopped by the Pacey’s for a visit, but Dorothy was still sleeping. We went back to the Outfitter so Dad could by a shirt and I could by a BPA free Nalgene bottle and a canvas bag – both with the Outfitter label on them. Of course I don’t need either of these things, but I can’t resist anything that has Temagami inscribed on it. We also went to Northland Traders; I wanted to look at hats. After some major indecision on my part, we went BACK to the Outfitter so I could get a ball cap from there. This I need as my Temagami hat is very much frayed. (Although I probably still won’t throw it away.)

Went to see Jim to buy more worms tell him about the minnows. Most of them were still alive. Only a few had died. We suggested they just needed warmer water after they were caught, since the water they were caught from is warm. Who knows, but I’m glad he hooked us up with some – that was really nice of him. He made some comment about them lasting another day and Dad said, “Well, we’re leaving tomorrow morning.” His eyes got real big, “Noooooooooo. You just got here.” That’s exactly how it feels to us too, Jim. A week goes by very quickly, even when you’re doing nothing but fishing. We told him we’d see him next year, and I can’t wait.

Took our remaining minnows to Caribou and fished for an hour or so. Didn’t have too much action. I caught two nice bass that we kept. Got a few other bites and the seagulls came back for a visit. No reappearance from the turtle.

Went back to the Pacey’s and Dorothy was awake. I showed her and Verdun pictures of the family at Christmas and my and Stacy’s trip to Algonquin. It’s always sad to say by to them, but we gave them big hugs, told them we loved them and that we’d see them next year. Dorothy walked us to the kitchen and Verdun came down to the car with us. He’s worried about his wife; she can’t read or watch TV because of the vertigo. But Verdun reads to her and she can think and talk just fine. I told him to tell her that we loved her and that we would see them next year – maybe with a whole posse of people. (I think next year Mom might come up; I just get that feeling. And Dad said that Uncle Mike and Aunt Becky wanted to come up too. Now that would be fun!)

We wanted to eat dinner at Temagmai Shores. Justin at the Outfitter said it was good; a better choice than the Busy Bee (where we usually eat). It was getting late though and if we were going to spend any time out on the lake we had to make it a quick one. So we ate at the Chip Stand in town. It was quick and good.

The rain was really more of a mist, and so the lake fishing wasn’t so bad. We went back to Island 4 to the pool that Dad found last night. Pretty quickly after we started I caught I really nice keeper – about 17 ¾ inches. JUST under the slot. Dad caught a nice “slotter” – 21 ½ inches. After that we didn’t have much action, but it was a nice night. Lots of boats out around Island 4. I think at the high point there were seven! (Just like the old days, Dad says.)

So Dad had to clean three fish last night. We got to bed around midnight, after having some raspberry pie and ice cream. It’s been a good week. I’m writing this on Saturday morning; we’re sitting on the deck enjoying our last moments here. A plane just went by and Dad commented on how much he loves that sound, how he looks forward to it 51 weeks out of the year. When you’re home, going about your day to day, sometimes you get a whiff of Temagami. I can’t really describe the smell of Canada, but it’s one of my favorite smells. It’s always difficult to say goodbye. When I was younger I used to cry as we would leave town. Even this morning when I think about leaving (just as I’m writing this) my eyes well up with tears. It’s just so beautiful here. Everything is perfect.

Fish Count (Keepers):

2 – Bass (Gina): Friday, Day 7
    where: Caribou
    bait: minnow

1 – Walleye (Gina): Friday, Day 7
    where: Island 4
    bait: worm harness
    size: 17 ¾ inches

“Slotter” Count (throw back):

1 – Walleye (Dad): Friday, Day 7
    where: Island 4
    bait: worm harness
    size: 21 ½ inches



6 – Walleye
7 – Bass

Slotters (throw back):

5 – Walleye
    size: 23.2 inches (Gina): Tuesday
    size: 20 inches (Gina): Thursday
    size: 20 inches (Dad): Thursday
    size: 19.5 inches (Dad): Thursday
     size: 21.5 inches (Dad): Friday


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