Temagami 2011: Fishing Trip with Dad, Day 2: Sunday

Temagami 2011: Day 2, Sunday, July 17

Woke up to realize we forgot to buy eggs at the grocery store yesterday. Not a problem for any other town, but in this small town, the tiny, almost non-existent grocery store is closed on Sundays. So just cereal and toast for breakfast.

Watched a bit of the final day of the British Open then headed over to Gramps to buy minnows (and eggs). I also browsed a book in the general store called, “Bear Attacks in Canada,” which I shouldn’t have done. I’m already freaked out about the possibility of being eaten by a black bear while Stacy and I are on our canoe trip, I don’t need to read several accounts of actual attacks by black bears. Although the book did have good advice about what to do if a bear does attack, depending on the situation. I don’t really remember much of it, and I’m too scared to go back and look at the book. I was on edge for a good couple of hours after reading some of it.

It was hot, hot, hot on today! Dad and I went swimming in the lake (we also did this yesterday) and the temperature was perfect. The water was warm enough that it didn’t even sting when we dove in. We also took the boat out for a spin. We went over to the beaver damn and threw the line in there. We got a few bites, but didn’t catch anything. I drove the boat around the lake a bit, but it was really windy and there were lots of waves breaking on the water. (Stacy – I thought of us trying to paddle down this lake and how impossible it would be. I’m beginning to wonder if Lady Evelyn will be the same way…)

After our swim and boat ride we watched the second half of the Women’s World Cup, and dad made fish and potatoes for dinner. It was a great game, and I can’t believe we lost in the penalty kicks! What an intense way to decide a match though. (For those of you that don’t know, I use to be a goalie and always enjoyed the rush of penalty shoot-outs.)

Let’s see… it rained/thunder off and on the whole day, and just as we got to Island 4 a storm started to roll down the lake. We weren’t too concerned until I saw lighting, and then I made dad take us back in. We fished for a little off some islands right across from Temagami Shores, but it started to rain so we called it quits. It was a smart move as it stormed the rest of the night. It was cool to watch the lightening storm from inside the cottage.

Fish Count: 0


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