Temagami 2011: Fishing Trip with Dad, Day 3: Monday

Temagami 2011: Day 3, Monday July 18
The day started out with a delicious breakfast of eggs, bacon (nitrate free for me), fried potatoes, and toast. Yum. After breakfast we headed into town to run some errands and then went over to Caribou to still fish from the rocks. It was warm and the lake was just a tad too calm. We didn’t have much action – after about an hour or so we had a small bass and a couple of bites that we missed.
We took another boat ride, this time down to the Marina to get gas for the boat ($1.65 liter or $6.27 a gallon!). It’s incredible how expensive gas is up here… well over $5 anywhere in Canada. Dad said they were just selfish at the Marina because in town it’s $1.38/liter. They know that they are the only gas service for the boats on this end of the lake.
Dinner was hamburgers and mushroom gravy with noodles – another childhood favorite. I never have it except when dad makes it for me in Temagami.
Went out to Island 4 for our evening fishing. We’ve been fishing in a 20-25 foot deep trough out from the island and seem to be catching them there. Tonight we caught two bass and two walleye, but only kept one of the walleyes because the other was only 15 inches – not very big. Dad would have kept him, but I thought he needed to grow bigger.
Sorry this entry is so short – I’m a little behind on these and I can’t really remember what all we did on Monday. It was a relaxing day. The weather has been great up here. Even though it’s been hot, it doesn’t feel it because of the lake and the natural breeze.
Fish Count (Keepers):
            Where: Island 4
            Bait: worm harness
1 – Walleye (Dad)
            size: around 16 inches
2 – Bass (Gina & Dad)
            size: ? (keepers but not huge)
Fish Count (Throw Backs):
1 – Walleye (Gina)
            where: Island 4
            bait: worm harness
            size: 15 inches – too small.
Fish Count (Total):
            3 – Walleye
            3 – Bass

            4 – Walleye (throw back)


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