Temagami 2011: Fishing Trip with Dad, Day 5: Wednesday

Temagami 2011: Day 5, Wednesday, July 20

Wow! What a great fishing day! Dad and I just got in from our evening fishing out by Island 4 and it was fantastic! Well, it depends on how you feel about the Ontario fishing regulations. I’ve explained this in previous posts of previous years, but you can’t keep a walleye that is between 18 and 24 inches. They are considered to be breeders and so you have to let them go so they can make babies. You can keep only one over 24 inches and generally, a “keeper” walleye is 16 inches and over. Sometimes you can keep one that is more than 15, but only if it’s fat.

Tonight we caught six in the slot! We had a blast. We just kept catching them as we were going through the 20-25 foot trough. First dad caught one, then I caught one, and then from there on I don’t remember the order. (We took pictures of each one, so I will upload those when I have faster internet connection.) We only caught one that we could keep – a 16-inch that I thought was something tiny as he barely put up a fight. Grandma, if you’re reading this, you probably think it’s a shame we couldn’t keep those fish! (My grandma used to get so mad about the slot regulations – which were put into affect almost 10 years ago now.)

During the day we mostly just hung around. After breakfast (French toast and peameal bacon), we went to Caribou and still fished off the rocks. It was extremely windy on the lake and I tried leeches as bait instead of minnows. I caught two small bass, but for the most part there was no action. One of the bass I caught swallowed the hook – there was no way he was going to survive. So dad just undid the hook and threw him back with the hook still in him. Apparently, the hook will rust and he’ll be able to live, as opposed to him dying if we would try and use the pliers to get the hook out. I know it’s weird to think of a fish swimming around with a hook in its throat, but he’ll still be able to eat and live just fine. I felt good about that since I always hate when the fish swallow the hook and they end up dying in the attempt to get the hook out.

After Caribou we went for a swim in the lake, which was very choppy due to the wind. But the weather was warm and so it was refreshing to cool of in the lake. I think when Stacy comes up I’m going to swim with him to the island across the bay.

Dinner was a bit of a mystery, considering the grocery store still didn’t have chicken when we went back to check. So we bought some pork chops and dad cooked those with noodles and salad. It ended up being a very tasty dinner.

It’s hard to believe that we’re already halfway through our stay here. It always goes too fast. Luckily for me, I’m staying another eight days with Stacy canoeing in the backcountry, but it’s not the same as fishing and being with my dad. If only we could afford a cottage up here…

Fish Count (Keepers):
Where: Island 4
Bait: worm harness

1 – Walleye (Gina)
size: 16 inches

Fish Count (Throw Backs):

4 – Walleye (Gina)
where: Island 4
bait: worm harness
size: 19, 20 ½, 21 ½, 22 ½ inches – all “slotters”

2 – Walleye (Dad)
where: Island 4
bait: worm harness
size: 20 ½, 21 ½ inches – all “slotters”

Fish Count (Total):
6 – Walleye
3 – Bass
11 – Walleye (throw back)
2 little ones
9 in the slot


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