The "How I Found Out" Story

It’s actually a tad more interesting than just peeing on a stick. (Although, yes, I did pee on a stick too.)

We had been trying for exactly a year. I know this, because all of my yearly checkups were due (physical, dental, etc.) that I got when we started trying for this little monkey-do. Finally, after a year of trying and stressing each month, I was ready to start testing. (Not that I was eager to necessarily, but I was eager to get pregnant, so I was ready.) Stacy was willing and ready as well, although he was much less concerned about our year of TTC. On June 15, I had a routine physical appointment, in which I discussed with my wonderful primary care physician my health (good, slightly overweight, but not a concern – just eat right and get regular exercise) and our year of trying to make a baby. He confirmed that it was time to start some of the simple, lets-eliminate-this-as-a-possibility tests.

The next day I went in to have routine blood work done to test for thyroid, cholesterol, etc. (I told the nurse who drew my blood to throw in a hCG (the hormone that tells you that you’re pregnant) test just for S&Gs — it wouldn’t hurt. (Not knowing that the test alone cost over $100!)

That same day I called the OBGYN group that I have been seeing to schedule a Hysterosalpingogram (HSG). This test involves dye being shot into the uterus and X-rayed to check for any abnormalities. When I called to schedule this test, the nurse told me to call back as soon as I got my period so that the test could be done between my period and when I ovulate. I emailed Stacy all of my medical updates (he was in NYC for the month of June) and requested he get tested when he got home.

The next night I went out with my friend Sue to see Cave of Forgotten Dreams at the State Theatre and then Otto’s for dinner/drinks afterwards. I mention this for a couple of reasons:

  1. This would be the last beer(s) I would have, and they were excellent: Otto’s Maibock.
  2. I hesitated to order my second beer because I had yet to get my period (though it wasn’t late – I have always been irregular), but decided to do so because I was tired of “sacrificing” for a baby that wasn’t there.
  3. I ran into friends who were having a party the next night, and we chatted for a few moments about what home brews would be on tap. It was a great night – and in retrospect I couldn’t have asked for a better way to “go out” — if that makes sense.

On June 18th I work up early. I had to be at the Hundred Cat Foundation spay/neuter clinic at 8am. At this clinic I would be responsible for getting ferrel and semi-ferrel cats from their traps into a net so that they could be anesthetized. This is potentially a very dirty job — often I end up with cat urine and feces on my clothes or on my hands. I also had plans that evening to drink some beers with some friends. Why am I telling you this? Because it dawned on me that if (and that was a mighty skeptical if) I was pregnant, these two things would not be a good idea. It was silly — I gave up testing months ago because the disappointment of having a negative result was just too emotional for me. But this time, I wanted to test to see the negative — to be reassured that I could carry on with my day worry free.

Well I peed on the stick. And I went back to bed for the 3 minutes that I had to wait. And I almost fell asleep — my heart not pounding, my nerves not elevated. But when I went back into the bathroom there were two lines instead of one.

It was a surreal experience. I looked at the stick and I looked at the instructions and I looked at the stick. And then I looked at the instructions. And then I looked at myself in the mirror. And then I cried: I. am. pregnant. I was by myself — Stacy was in New York. I had to digest it all myself. I wasn’t sure what to do. I wanted to so badly to call Megg, my mom, Nicola, Stacy…. but I didn’t want to tell any of these people this kind of news over the phone. Then I realized that I couldn’t work the clinic that day, so I needed to tell the woman who is in charge ASAP. I emailed her in hopes that she would check her email before leaving, and shortly after, she called. So Donna was the first person I told.

I went to Megg and Tim’s for breakfast and could barely contain my excitement. I knew Megg would flip out. I was just waiting for the right moment. While we were eating I got a phone call — it was my doctor. He was sorry to disturb me on a Saturday but he thought I might want to know that my blood work came back — and that I was pregnant! I told him I suspected! I was so excited and he was super happy for me considering we had just had a long conversation a few days before about trying and failing and testing. When I sat back down Megg looked at me and said, “What’s wrong? Who was it?” I looked at her and said, “I’m pregnant!” It was one of my favorite moments of all time. I have waited a long time to tell Megg, and I was probably more happy about just being able to say those words to her than actually being pregnant! She screamed and cried and kissed and hugged.

Tim said to me, “So are you going to drive to New York to tell Stacy?” And I told him I hadn’t even thought about it. I knew I didn’t want to tell him over the phone, but it was Saturday and I wasn’t going to see him until Wednesday. Tim said, “C’mon. You have to drive to New York City and surprise him. Today. Now.” I hadn’t considered it, but when Tim suggested it, it seemed like the only rational thing to do, especially since the next day was Father’s Day.

So after breakfast I drove to NYC (New Jersey to be exact… ) to surprise Stacy. It was great to see him and we had a great night. The next morning during breakfast, I gave him a card — a Father’s Day card. And a book (The Expectant Father) which I’ve been waiting to give him for over a year. He just looked at the card and said, “Are you really pregnant?” I’ll spare you the mushy details and just say that it was a good moment — and he was surprised and happy and nervous and excited.

So that’s my little secret that I’ve been holding onto since June 18th. I’m now 12 weeks and feeling great! I’ve had a great first trimester — very little nausea, relaxed, plenty of rest. Stacy and I went on a canoe trip in July for eight days and that went by without a hitch. Monkey seemed to enjoy himself and didn’t seemed bothered by my 40lb backpack or the 44lb canoe I carried over rocky portage trails.

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