The 20-week ultrasound

October 12, 2011

Dear Tidbit,

Today we found out that you are a girl!!!! I’m sure you already knew this, but for your dad and I, it was a surprise. Apparently your dad had a hunch you might be, but I kind of thought you might be a boy, especially since Megg (my bestie — your auntie) was sure that you were a boy. (BTW – You’ll be best buds with Megg’s little boy, Cooper… he’s 14 months old right now, but pretty soon the age difference won’t matter.)

Dad says you have my nose, which would be great if you did.

It was really cool getting to see you – even if you were breeched and all curled up. The ultrasound tech (also a Stacey) said most babies are breech at 20 weeks. She showed us all of your baby body parts, and made sure you were healthy and safe inside my belly. She said she was 90% sure you were a girl, and showed us what she was pretty confident was your labia (tmi?). I sure hope she’s right… I’ve already heard two stories of girls who ended up being boys when they were born! So please, Tidbit, I hope you’re not hiding any tiddly bits on us.

This is my favorite photo of you! You have super long legs and you obviously like to move and bend. Here you are staring up at your toes. And no, that nubbin above your legs is not a penis, it’s your umbilical cord. (You know this, I’m sure, but it took me some convincing.)

The ultrasound technician said you were 15 ounces — almost a pound! After our appointment I made a few calls to share the news. One of the people I called was Nicola (your other auntie) – she’s the one who gave you the name Tidbit. Of course she was super excited, and even though I held it together throughout the whole ultrasound appointment, she made me cry. So did your Papa Thompson…. telling him any good news about myself makes him cry, which makes me cry. You’re going to love him… he’s (one of) the best men I know.

Look at those legs! You seem really long in the ultrasound pictures. I doubt you’ll be tall, but  you might just come out with long legs. I can’t wait to chew on these chubs. Sorry in advance.

So you’re a girl! I promise I’ll let you be whatever kind of girl you want to be, but just so you know, I’m really really hoping you’re a tomboy. I’m not sure how to relate to girly girls. If you want to be a cheerleader, I’ll still love (Nicola says I have to). I hope you don’t like pink…. it’s, like, my least favorite color. I hope you like all of the African animals and colors I have picked out for your room. Your mamma loves Africa — I hope you get to travel somewhere in Africa someday. But no matter what kind of girl you become, I will love you unconditionally…. even when you hate me when you’re 17.


About Gina Marie Thompson

writer • mom • mountain biker • outdoor adventurer • educator • social justice crusader • seeker of love & beauty• living locally • I CHOOSE LOVE ❤️
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