Week 24 pregnancy update

Dear Tidbit,

Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve written. And I’m only writing now because I’m procrastinating on grading and planning my next unit, which I have to start teaching tomorrow.

Good news is, when you come I won’t be teaching. I can’t wait. I know I’ll miss my students, but I’ll have YOU, which is infinitely better! And I’ll have you exclusively for about six months — no teaching!

So we’ve done a lot together since I last wrote. A couple weekends ago we went to visit friends and family in Pittsburgh. It twas a grand time! We went to Schramms Farm to get pumpkins, which is where I went year after year as a kid.

I’ve been growing up with Schramm Farms… now I’m growing OUT too!
picking out pumpkins with your uncle Jimmy

One of my favorite parts about the weekend was getting to see Nicola. Your auntie Nicola. On Saturday we went with my mom to dinner and then to Babies ‘R Us to set up a registry for you… er… for me for you. They give you a little registry gun thingie that you just scan the barcodes of all the items you want to add to your registry. It’s AWESOME! Mom (grandma) and Nicola were scanning a lot of pink clothes. I tried to stop them, but they gave me a hard time. So I’m sorry that you’ll be coming home from the hospital in a pink bunting outfit. Let’s hope you don’t end up a boy! I had a lot of fun with the registry gun thingie too… though the whole experience was exhausting. There are so many things that babies need! Or rather… there are so many things that our society thinks babies need… and it’s hard not to fall into that trap.

This week we go for our 24-week belly checkup. So there’s only 16 weeks to go! I can’t believe it. This time last year I was crying in my bathroom because you weren’t growing in my belly yet. I’m so happy that your dad and I didn’t have to go through lots of tests to get you, but it was a very long 12 months waiting for you to finally start growing in my belly. And so far everything has been going well — please stay healthy in there Tidbit! There’s lots of room to grow and tumble around. And I don’t mind if you kick or punch me.

Tonight after dinner (I took a break from writing this and ate some of the delicious meatballs that I made) daddy finally got to feel you kick! I’ve been waiting and waiting. Every time you kick and I tell him, it’s too late when he gets his hands on my belly. You always stop. Already being difficult. But tonight he got to feel two kicks. So thanks, Tidbit. I’m sure you’ll be kicking a lot more soon, but I can’t imagine it ever getting old – I think I’ll always get excited every time it happens.

Things haven’t been all hunkey-dorey with you. At night my fingers and hands tend to go numb. In the morning my hands are sore and my lower back hurts. I miss my favorite sleeping positions – my ride side and my back. Actually, I miss sleep. A good night of it. I guess I’ll never see that again. But all-in-all, I really can’t complain – you’ve been been pretty good to me, kid. I can’t wait to meet you. Keep cookin’!

I love you, Tidibt.

24 weeks, 1 day

~ Mom

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