Medical updates

Dear Tidbit,

My right leg, ankle, and foot are swollen. No matter what I do, this doesn’t change. I love you, but really? Really?!

In other news, you’ve given me gestational diabetes. Well, kind of. I had a routine glucose test a few weeks ago and “failed” the test, so I had to do a more extensive fasting glucose test. For three days leading up to the test I had to “carbo-load” (Not really, and I think the misunderstanding about this is what caused the false alarm on the GD.). I had to eat at least 150 grams of carbohydrates a day. I really don’t know if that’s considered carbo-loading or not, but on certain days I found it difficult to do while still trying to eat relatively healthy. After the third day I had to fast for 12 hours (over night, no biggie) and then go in for the test. They took my blood three times: once when I got there (after the 12-hour fast), again an hour after drinking this really disgusting sugary drink, and a third time two hours after that. It wasn’t so bad – I don’t mind needles, and in between the 2nd and 3rd blood draw I feel asleep.

But I guess I failed that test too. I didn’t have low enough numbers for the fasting test, which is the most important. So the doc said I had gestational diabetes, which was a big disappointment. However, he seemed unconcerned and reassured me that it’s fairly common and definitely normal in pregnancy, even with healthy moms. Apparently the placenta naturally destroys insulin as part of the process of keeping a steady supply of sugar present for the developing fetus, to compensate for when the mother doesn’t eat for a while. Therefore, many women experience low insulin levels during pregnancy. He set me up with a dietitian and had me schedule an “abdominal circumference” ultrasound to check your size.

Well, the ultrasound went fine. Stacey, the ultrasound tech was great and confirmed that you were indeed a girl (yay!) and that your size was just right — your belly circumference was in the 54%. She said if it was above 75% than I would have to take insulin.

The dietitian said I only “failed” the fasting glucose test by two numbers. They want the number to be 92 and mine was 94, so all that I was going through was a bit unnecessary. Nonetheless, the whole thing has been a wake up call that I shouldn’t just eat whatever I like and as much as I like because I am pregnant. I need to take care of you — make sure you’re getting the proper nutrients, and not just exposure to Brothers Pizza.

So for now I’m monitoring my blood sugar levels, which have been fine this past week. I even managed to keep them low during all the Christmas feasts!

Testing my blood sugar

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