[DREAM] the one with the 1-year anniversary poetry reading & the secret hideaway

the one with the 1-year anniversary poetry reading & the secret hideaway

Webster’s was hosting their 1 year anniversary poetry reading. The store was HUGE and there was a band opening for the event. There were about 30 open-mic readers. There was a listening room with a stage and tables and couches and then a separate room with a coffee bar and more tables. This was in addition to the bookstore. In the dream I signed up on the open-mic list. I was last and I worried I would be cut, but the host assured me I would not, and was surprisingly kind to me. I remember being frustrated that the band was playing so many “poems” because the night was already getting long and the actual poetry hadn’t even started yet. I asked them how their songs constituted as poems and they just shrugged me off. I walked over to the coffee bar area and noticed two new baristas talking about a secret basement area where all the “cool” Webster’s employees and regulars hung out. I noticed that no one I knew was around and so I went on an exploration to discover this secret hideaway. It was a long spiral staircase about three stores underground. At the bottom was a grate that you had to open and climb down a ladder. I peeked through the grate and listened to the conversations of the people down below. Some of them I recognized and some of them I didn’t. I didn’t want to go down because I knew certain people would think I was “following” them, and I started back up the stairs. But then more people came down, apparently upset that they were not invited to the “cool kids” party, and so we all descended the ladder. There’s more to this dream, but it’s very weird and abstract, which includes a maze to get back out of hideaway.

my dream from October 28, 2014


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