10 Things, Day Ten: One confession

Day Ten: One confession

1. I have no fucking clue what I’m doing.

Day One: Ten Things You Want To Say To Ten Different People Right Now
Day Two: Nine things about yourself
Day Three: Eight ways to win your heart
Day Four: Seven things that cross your mind a lot
Day Five: Six things you wish you’d never done
Day Six: Five people who mean a lot (in no order whatsoever)
Day Seven: Four things you want in a romantic partner
Day Eight: Three of your favorite possessions
Day Nine: Two images that describe your life or yourself right now
Day Ten: One confession

About Gina Marie Thompson

writer • mom • mountain biker • outdoor adventurer • educator • social justice crusader • seeker of love & beauty• living locally • I CHOOSE LOVE ❤️
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2 Responses to 10 Things, Day Ten: One confession

  1. colbrt says:

    If we’re honest with ourselves, most of us don’t. Merry Christmas, my friend.


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