♫ My Top 10 Songs from 2014, Part 1 ♫

My Top 10 Songs of 2014 (January – July)
Originally posted on February 14, 11:11.

In regards to music (and life events) my 2014 was pretty evenly broken up into two six month halves. Here is the music from the 1st half of 2014 that, for one reason or another, resonated with me emotionally, such that they were often on repeat in the car or in my ear buds wherever I went. These are all easy enough to look up, but I’ve linked to them and embedded for your listening and viewing pleasure.

1. anyone but you – allison wedding
Allison Wedding’s whole album This Dance is absolutely amazing. Seriously. BUY ITA friend gave it to Stacy early past year thinking he would like it and I ended up stealing it and listening to it on repeat and repeat. It became particularly necessary at certain points during 2014, because Allison has a way of singing about love and loss that is just beautiful and heartbreaking. I got the fortunate pleasure of discovering in 2014 that she’s also an incredible person and friend. I’m going to cheat a little here and post a short video of the intro track to her album just as a little teaser. It is also one of her songs that I had on repeat, especially this past spring.  (We’ll just call this 2-b)

2. if i were a bell – jo stafford
What a fun song! This song got me through last winter. Quite happily.

3. someday, someway – marshall crenshaw
This song made me (and still does) endlessly happy. There’s no way I could listen to this song and not want to bounce up and down and grin from ear to ear. 

4. belly full – dave matthews band
First of all: Dave Matthews. Second: How could you not love a song with the lines:

♫ Spread yourself across my lips and I spoon you in. / The sweetest thing in all the world. / Oh I want more. / There is no place I’d rather be than here with you. / Under the sun, the pouring rain, all the sky for you. ♫

5. caledonia – dougie maclean
I know this is a song about a specific place, but for me it’s just the saddest love song I ever did hear. SIGH SIGH SIGH.

6. darling be home soon – joe cocker

7. welcome back – john sebastian
Dance with me?

8. high hopes – kodaline
Megg introduced me to this song. I absolutely adore the music video. And even though it may seem a bit, well, obvious, this song did always make me feel hopeful. And I needed that last year. 

9. O.D.R.I.P. hidden track – Esbjorn Svensson Trio
Haunting and beautiful and sad. Always perfect for my me. This basically sums up how I’ve felt about love since I was twelve years old.

10. to whom it may concern – the civil wars
Summer was getting hot and coming to an end. And everything kept getting further away.

My Top 10 Songs from 2014, Part 2 (July – December)
Coming soon! 

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