taking responsibility for energy

I first watched this video thinking it was mostly going to be about Jill Botle Taylor’s stroke and something to watch with my mom. But halfway through I was punched in the gut by the overall message:

“There are two kinds of people on the planet: people who bring your energy or people who take your energy away.” – Jill Bolte Taylor

Of course I know this already, but it’s powerful to hear these words from someone in this position of influence (both Taylor and Winfrey). So here are some thoughts on the points they made in the clip. (A longer version can be found on youtube.)

1) Take responsibility for the energy that you bring. What is the tone of your energy? Is it negative? Unsupportive? If so, can you change that? Also, ask yourself: Why is it that way? Why is my energy so toxic to myself and to others? Energy is everything. And if your energy is not good, you’re damaging yourself and others around you.

2) Take responsibility for the energy you allow in your space. You will undoubtedly encounter individuals who are not as thoughtful, reflective, and mindful of their energy. Therefore, the burden falls on you to keep unsupportive energies out of your space. This may involve a more drastic measure (see #3) or it may involve simply telling a person that you are not willing to take on their negative/draining/unsupportive energy. It’s hard to say that to people you love, but it’s critical that it’s said. Rather than being abrasive about it (as I tend to be), you could encourage the person to reflect on their own energy — see #1. Try to encourage a more mindful approach to the energy we bring. Additionally, seek out people who bring positive and supportive energy into your space. I can only speak for myself, but I am inspired and uplifted by positive energy and ambitious, joyful, loving, supportive people. I have a reservoir of positive energy and sometimes it starts to drain. When that happens I seek out those people in my life whom I know can refill that reservoir. (This is not suggesting it’s their responsibility to do so.) The more I’m around these sorts of people the more I’m inspired to make positive change for myself and for the world. I suspect others react similarly to the energies of people. So seek out those people. Just make sure you’re not stealing their good energy and replacing it with your bad energy. See #1.

3) You may have to do a clearing of certain people in your life. Once you realize how powerful your energy and the energy of others is, you’ll need to do the difficult work of clearing people whose energy is not conducive to your overall emotional, mental, and physical health. You are the most important person. That’s not a selfish concept, and anyone who thinks so doesn’t have their priorities straight. If there are people in your life whose energy is not supportive of who you want to be in the world: out they go.

4) You cannot continue to move forward in your life if you’re surrounded by energy that sucks the life force from you. This is sort of an extension on #3, but it’s worth elaborating on. Have a dream that you want to pursue? Do you have a significant other or friend that is reminding you how lofty or ridiculous that dream is? Well, chances are you aren’t going to go after that dream. You’re going to second-guess yourself. You’re going to question your ability to accomplish said dream or goal. You are your own person – yes. But you still need the support and love of others. And you have a right to that kind of energy. You may say to yourself: Well, so-and-so is just a negative or cynical person. They still love me and support me. Do they though? Because if they did, they’d recognize how their energy is destroying your spirit. They’d realize that their negative energy is keeping you stuck and not allowing you to move forward. You cannot carry the weight of someone else’s (negative) energy. When you surround yourself with people who suck the life force from you, your energy is drained and their negative energy is what fills up in its place. You are attempting to walk through wet cement. There’s little to no forward motion. Your mission: get out before it dries. Your life depends on it. 

I’d love to hear your own thoughts on this! And remember: I love you, keep going.


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