Hiking the Aurlandsdalen

Hiking the Aurlandsdalen

for Stacy

Today I spent my morning looking at pictures and watching videos 

From a decade ago

Because I’m working on this love story, you see 

And it needs pictures. 

I see them in my mind and I know we have them 

On various computers and hard drives 

Today I found us hiking in Norway. 

Finse to Bergen, glacier to fjord 

We were so young and silly

I was convinced we would die – no cell phone, giant cliffs, a lack of experience (on my part) 

But you trusted me, my adventurous spirit, knew it would carry me through the doubt.

We didn’t die, as it turned out. 

But we did see a helicopter air rescue in the Norwegian mountains (not for us, thankfully)

We never found that animal pit

But we skied down snow fields, drank glacial water, hiked with free-range sheep (with bells), played music and drank beer with strangers, trekked on a multi-day journey through some of Mother Earth’s most breathtaking landscape. 

Tonight, after you booked the campsites for our vacation – friends and a national park and an ocean and miles of hiking trails –

I sat in your lap (like the old days) and told you about my morning spent time traveling 

Pulled up the photos on my laptop. 

There’s almost 200, plus videos. 

And you remarked on what a great trip that was

That hike was just one part of a summer-long adventure in Scandinavia.

You told me we had to show the photos to the littlest one. 

She’s only five but wants to “practice” hiking so she can go on long adventures with Mama and Daddy 

So let’s practice together, and find more adventures, and create more memories. 

I’ve got a better camera now and the videos won’t be so grainy. 

We’ve got a new adventure seeker in our family

And you and I have a sense of wonder that never should go dormant for too long 

/ / /  

Gina Thompson
18 April 2017
Bellefonte PA

Click on the image for more photos of our hike in Norway! (August 2006)


About Gina Marie Thompson

writer • mom • trail runner • cheese slinger • educator • social justice crusader • seeker of love & beauty• living locally • I CHOOSE LOVE ❤️
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