[PHOTOS] My weekend in Rothrock 

I spent the better part of the weekend in a place I love more than any other: Rothrock State Forest.

Saturday I took The Kids (my husband and daughter) on a 3ish mile hike in Bear Meadows. Stacy and I don’t get out too much, what with our crazy teaching lives and the little Tidbit. So date nights are few and far between. But I’m perfectly fine with our “dates” being spent in the forest. And I love that JoJo (5) wants to hike and go on adventures in the woods. I hope someday soon she can do more than three miles, but… patience. Even though Stacy and I have hiked many times around Bear Meadows and other parts, it was still great to “show” the kids my forest. (Yes, I know I have to share it with others, but shhhhhh). It would only have been better if we had spent an overnight in the forest. Perhaps that will be placed on the fall agenda. Perhaps for our anniversary.






she did it!


On Sunday I went for an early(ish) morning run. Ok, so it was 8 by the time I finally got out there! The morning was thick with fog, draping across everything. Gorgeous. I decided I needed to go deep in the forest, clear my head, run if I could but not put pressure on myself to do so. I went to a place I had only been once before, called Coopers Gap. I had wanted to take Stacy and JoJo there the day before. Because it’s magical, and everyone deserves to experience a little magic. But we ran out of time and had to hike not as deep in the woods. So I went to scout out some new territory there to see where might be best to take The Kids on our next adventure. Did I mention this forest is enchanted?


Here’s where the magic started, driving past Alan Seager into Coopers Gap


The purple lizard changes with the seasons. Seems appropriate.

The “high country” in Coopers Gap. Here’s a line white pine.


In the thick of the enchanted forest



This post was also inspired by the WordPress daily prompt: Glorious


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