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“Ridiculously hot writer Gina Thompson is one of the most stupendously amazing people you’ll ever meet. Smart, curious about the world, passionate about making beauty, full of compassion for those around her. One look in her eyes and you’ll be lost forever. And if she loves you, you’ll realize you’re the luckiest person alive.”
~ fellow poet and friend of Gina’s

September 2017

I am no longer writing in the third person. Here I am, unfiltered and raw about my journey through life. I only have one. The constant question: How can I live true to myself without the influence of others, without hurting the hearts of others? I want to live honestly, truthfully, passionately, completely. I am flawed in every way that we are all flawed. I have struggled with depression: with feeling hopeless and worthless. These days are better, but I’ve learned to take each day at a time, not to constantly worry about what my future might hold. I’ve learned that the hard way — a lot of love and loss, heartbreak and sorrow. Since my mom’s massive stroke in March 2015, I’ve felt an incredible loss, even though she is still “here” in this world with our family. I miss her. I dream about her constantly. She’s almost always healthy in those dreams — walking and talking and swearing.

I’d rather be hiking or running in the forests of Central Pennsylvania than almost anywhere else. I’ve hiked in several places around the world and my backyard is the most beautiful of them all. The forest holds so many secrets and discoveries. It is all the colors. Some days it’s just a beautiful gray. Others days it’s vibrant greens and reds and yellows. In every season there is something new to discover on the trails. I’ve found and lost my heart in those woods.

But for canoeing, there’s not place like paddling through the backcountry of Northern Ontario, Temagami region. Preferably with my husband.

I’m open and honest about my marriage. We struggle in the same ways I suspect a lot of other couples struggle, but don’t talk about, repress, keep bottled up. Marriage takes a tremendous amount of work, commitment, and honesty. I feel so lucky to have a partner I can communicate openly and honestly with, and not have to lie to about my friendships with others. We see the value in not placing the burden of every emotional need on each other. We are better together than we are apart.

We’ve got the coolest little girl (5) in the whole world. She’s empathetic, smart, curious, kind, adventurous, and has the makings of a wit that will soon be unmatched. Parenting her has been a blessing. Parenting her has been the most challenging task I’ve done (continue to do).

Each day I try to be a better version of myself than the day before. To do this I’ve employed a lot of patience, grace, and self-love. I don’t believe in a higher power that can “help” me in this regard. Maybe that would make this all easier? But I have the unconditional love and support of friends and family. And after many years, I finally have unconditional love for myself.

(More to come. Always)

(November 2016)

Gina is a restless soul, never quite sure where she fits in. She taught high school for nine years but is now slinging cheese at a gourmet grocery store while she contemplates her next move.

Likes: good beer, trail running, outdoor adventures, genuine laughter, poetry, the music friends recommend, the first sip of coffee in the morning, Lake Temagami.

Dislikes: not knowing. the fear of not taking a chance, especially on love. constant heartbreak. Self-doubt. Donald Trump.

Above all else, she holds people close to her heart. love is worn prominently on her sleeve, (and tattooed on her arm). nothing else compares to the deep connections we make with one another. she thrives on compassion and love. she is willing to risk it all for what she believes is true and real.

(Fall 2014)
Gina likes chickens and cows. She has three tattoos, all of which she got recently: a tattoo of an elephant’s butt on her forearm, a music bird on her leg, and the phrase “I love you keep going” on her foot. She writes poetry and blogs about her daily adventures of being a mother, friend, and lover of life. She recently became the owner (sort of) of a 2014 Bintilli Sprint 49cc scooter. When she’s not spending time with her adorable two-year-old she can usually be found scootering around beautiful Central Pennsylvania. She is even in a scooter gang! She tries to love unconditionally. Most of the time she succeeds, often times at the expense of her own heart. She’ll probably judge and scrutinize you, but she’s trying to stop. But she’ll also love you completely and ask to see your soul. If that’s not ok, than don’t bother becoming her friend. She’s currently on a journey to discover her own identity and self-worth, separate from those around her. This journey involves drugs (legal), therapy, meditation, and the love and support from friends near and far. Even though she doesn’t always illustrate it, she’s forever grateful to the people in her life that continue to stand by her and not give up on her.

She wants to change the world, but doesn’t yet know how.

Gina’s Enneagram personality is a Type 9 and her Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is ISFP:

This explains a lot.

Her personal mantra is: I love you. Keep going. 

Here’s an old bio from when Gina first started this blog, 6 years ago: 
I am 24 going on 40. No wait, I am 12 going on 24. I like to be outdoors, but usually I’m stuck in unventilated classrooms teaching the next generation of human beings. They like to be lazy. They don’t like to think. You should be scared.

If I could get paid medium bucks to be a student, I would take that job in a second. If I could get paid medium bucks to canoe, hike, fish, or camp all day I would take that job in a second. So far I haven’t found either, so I am a teacher because [believe it or not] I like teenagers. But if you have a lead for me, drop me a note.

I like to think, write, read, blog, and discuss life with others. If you also like to do this, drop me a line. We be virtual buddies. If you teach, I want to collaborate with you on reinventing the education system. If you are into this radical thinking, and if your soul hasn’t been murdered yet by the current system, drop me a line.

I am on a mission to change the world through unconditional love.


taken by photographer and friend, paul ruby

3 Responses to ::: about gina :::

  1. Kim Dionis says:

    lovely photo! good ole ruby. i don’t know your e-mail, so i’m writing you here. i don’t mean it to be a post on your blog.

    i wanted to let you know that i’m having another art show, since i believe that’s how we met. i was really bad about publicizing my last show (in october), but it looks like you were pretty busy around that time anyhow! eesh–i didn’t know you and my old officemate got married! congratulations!

    anyhow, on with the show…

    this is an invitation to our opening reception at foxdale’s gallery, the 1st Sunday in April, from 3:30-5. there will be food, plush seats and probably some people you know. all of the details are on my moments ago-created blog: kimdionis.blogspot.com. please invite your friends, if you’d like–the more the merrier! and tell yr man hello for me.

    best wishes,


  2. Kim Dionis says:

    sorry–didn’t mean to clutter your page with my other note. i didn’t realize it would pop up on your page like that. i suppose this one will too! sorry. i hope there’s a way you can delete them, if you don’t want them hanging around.

    a minute later,


  3. murat mercan says:

    Nice blog post and Thanks for sharing


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