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an essay about my mom, and the beginning of something more to come…

After I lift her from the chair, help to maneuver her body on the toilet, I sit in the wheelchair while she poops. We talk. Well, I talk. She replies with phrases you might only speak if you had half … Continue reading

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[POEM] mud child

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[POEM] these kids

these kids for Adian, Cooper, and JoJo it started with twelve paws excited and eager at the door it continued with two little humans chasing and fighting and playing one quickly growing human skinny and awkward as all tweens are … Continue reading

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[VIDEO] JoJo’s First Day of School

Today we all started school. S returned to PSU; I returned to State High; and JoJo started at the local Montessori school in State College. Despite that we all had to get up at the ungodly hour of 6 AM, … Continue reading

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Reflections on Father’s Day

Reflections on Father’s Day for the bravest man I know, my dad: Larry Thompson I’ve been trying to put together the right formulation of thoughts on the screen to capture my emotions this morning as I reflect on my life’s … Continue reading

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April 4, 2015:¬† Yesterday and today my mom spent most of the days resting. Today she opened her eyes for a bit (after the nurses suctioned her throat and mouth or after they repositioned her) and if I was there … Continue reading

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[POEM] waiting room

waiting room limp bodies draped over harden¬†cushions stiff bodies sit rigid against tension swollen eyes and blotchy cheeks we’re all waiting for time for sighs to lengthen our sobs into sleeps beyond hardened hearts and concrete feet our bodies melt … Continue reading

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[PHOTO] reunited

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[VIDEO] Linda wants a typewriter

When I was watching this and heard my mom ask for a typewriter for Christmas, I immediately smiled. She writes poems, Santa! (Just like me!) Or rather, I’m just like my mom. Jesus H, I want my mom back.

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[PHOTO] my ONLY obsession

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