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Responding to my own self-diagnosis, with a little help from my therapist

Since September 2014 I’ve been doing incredible work on myself. Not everyone in my life believes this (I can think of two main people), but that’s because the “work” I’m doing directly affects my relationships with them. And they don’t … Continue reading

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reflecting on the prevailing self-doubt

I’m having some really amazing breakthrough sessions in therapy. It’s been eight weeks now that I’ve been seeing my current therapist (since the day that this event happened), and all I can think every time I leave is: where was … Continue reading

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do what makes you grow more (originally titled: “musings while at my favorite indie bookstore cafe that i’ve been patronizing for nearly a decade”)

“Do what makes you grow more.” My beautiful friend Glenn said this to me this morning. My response to him was that I was pondering what makes me grow more. He told me: “Go to your gut, not your head.” … Continue reading

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why I gave up coffee

why I gave up coffee Because I could. I guess, though, it’s a little more involved than that. I’m not exactly certain on the date, but I think the last day I drank coffee was Wednesday, August 20, which is … Continue reading

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How does she like her eggs?

Today my therapist and I talked about identity, among other things. And I told him the story about the eggs. Do you know of it? Here it is: In the movie Runaway Bride, Maggie (played by Julia Roberts) is a … Continue reading

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acknowledging the daily struggle

There’s a lot being said surrounding the very sad news of┬áRobin Williams. I don’t have anything particularly insightful to add to this discussion. Just to say that as someone who has struggled with depression probably most of my life (but … Continue reading

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