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[POEM] these kids

these kids for Adian, Cooper, and JoJo it started with twelve paws excited and eager at the door it continued with two little humans chasing and fighting and playing one quickly growing human skinny and awkward as all tweens are … Continue reading

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[POEM] now we’re laughing too

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How to recover from a bad day: have dinner with a friend and watch planes land

Wednesday night ended up being both a beautiful and kind of ugly day for me. It was the night of Webster’s monthly poetry open mic, and despite not knowing what poem I was going to read, I was super excited. However, some … Continue reading

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[POEM] that breeze

that breeze for Megg “That breeze is magical” you said as we stood in your kitchen, the door open to allow the fall-like air to swirl into our hair and push against our skin. “It reminds me of the beach,” you said. I … Continue reading

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[QUOTE] Wine and crispy treats

August 7, 2014

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“Rolly-Suitcasing” Around Europe Trip Journal: Santorini, Greece (10 Year Anniversary)

It’s been 10 years since my trip to Europe and Africa with Nicola. Here is my journal entry 10 years ago today. [Sunday, April 25, 2004: Santorini, Greece] So on Friday we got up at 7:30 to catch the bus … Continue reading

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[POEM] Two Year Anniversary

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[POEM] In spite of the bad days

for Jason

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[PHOTOS] a visit from friends

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[QUOTE] creating ourselves

“Our souls are shaped — carved –formed by our willingness to be which results in a feeling of being, souls soaring. Within this space we can create what isn’t — including ourselves.” ~ henry brzycki

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